How To Radically Improve Hiring and Promotion Decisions

Halo Effect

At VitalSmarts, we talk a lot about the importance of a safe environment for crucial conversations. But sometimes, safety’s not enough to make the crucial conversation a success. Even situations where mutual respect and mutual purpose abound, conversations can still fail because of an interesting phenomenon called The Halo Effect.


True Mutuality: ​The Key to Creating Healthy Relationships​

True Mutuality

Mutuality isn’t all about the other person. It’s about you, too. For people who know the literal definition of mutual, this may not seem like great insight. But for me, it makes a big difference.

Usually when we think about finding mutual respect and mutual purpose for creating a healthy conversation, we focus solely on the other person and their goals, but this is too one-sided. The most important part of mutuality is missing. We need to care about ourselves and our own goals as well if we want a healthy relationship.


Why We’re Terrible at Influencing Behaviour Change

Terrible Influencer

The most important capacity we possess is our ability to influence behaviour change, but we humans aren’t naturally good at it. In fact, we’re terrible, which means our organisations, society, and personal lives all suffer. We need a better way to influence behaviour.