​Want Improved Job Performance? Accountability Isn’t Enough​

Job Performance - Six Sources of Influence

If we’re honest, we’ve all let someone down and we’ve all been let down. But when it happens at work, it becomes more than a disappointment — it becomes an issue of job performance. And the best way to solve the problem is to look at the causes — the big WHY behind a behaviour. We group these causes into what we call The Six Sources of Influence.


Why We’re Terrible at Influencing Behaviour Change

Terrible Influencer

The most important capacity we possess is our ability to influence behaviour change, but we humans aren’t naturally good at it. In fact, we’re terrible, which means our organisations, society, and personal lives all suffer. We need a better way to influence behaviour.


The Fight-or-Flight Response and Tough Conversations

Fight or Flight Adrenaline

When in a stressful situation, like a crucial conversation, our body responds by releasing adrenaline. This shuts off the logical part of our brain and activates our more primitive nature. This is really helpful when dealing with a vicious predator, but when handling a delicate issue with our boss or spouse, the results are almost never positive. Learn how to overcome our nature in tough conversations with these skills: